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What is a “cookie”?

A “cookie” is a small file that usually comprise of letters and numbers sent by the computer hosting the website aka ‘the server’ to the visitor’s computer.

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Cookies required for the website to function

These cookies help us provide visitors with a better experience throughout the website, for example by making it easier to access content in a language they are familiar with. You can block or delete these cookies using the settings on your computer, but your overall experience is likely to be degraded.

Cookie name Usage Life span
langPref Language preference 24h
cookieconsent_status Cookie policy agreement
1 year
UMB_UCONTEXT Required to provide content
Browsing sesssion
UMB_UPDCHK Required to provide content 7 days
XSRF-TOKEN Safety Browsing sesssion
XSRF-V Safety Browsing sesssion


Audience measurement

To make sure our website content matches the expectations of our visitors we record audience figures as well as individual page traffic and returning visits.

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